Monday, July 30, 2007

Good Weekend with Family

Well, it's Monday evening and I'm planning the drive home tomorrow. The kiddos have had a good time this week playing with their cousins, Ella and Ava. We've gone to Exploration Place (the children's museum here in Wichita) and the Zoo. We've gone to visit my grandparents in the nursing home. We've spent time with my parents. The kids have all tried to be helpful whenever their Papa needs something. Bethany was running a slight fever when I put her to bed tonight, hopefully it will be gone in the morning!
All in all it's been a good time...just one thing is hubby, their daddy. We've talked to him a number of times. He's been busy, had fun, and has very sore feet. Lots of blisters I guess....poor guy! These gatherings require LOTS of walking, and I guess his feet just weren't ready. My parents and I have been able to watch the "Mass Events" with live online streaming (which is AWESOME!!) It was fun to be able to talk to him about some of the presenters and artists. There was this one guy who was working on a lighted table, we saw a top view. He was spreading sand on this table, making AWESOME pictures! I'll try to find his name and put a link on here, it was completely awesome. He would finish a great picture, then sprinkle a little more sand and make a completely new picture. WOW, now that's talent!
The gathering's theme is "Chosen." And there are three "subthemes" and they are: "Chosen in Christ" "Chosen to the World" and "Chosen with others" I can't wait to hear more about it. Another perk of these gatherings is seeing old friends. Warren and I both attended Lutheran universities (Seward ROCKS) and worked at Lutheran Island Camp. We have so many friends from college, camp, and seminary spread around the country...and a few around the world. He's run into so many of our old friends, I'm really jealous about that! So, if you are one of those friends we haven't seen in years...HI!!! Leave me a comment, so I can get in contact with you!
Oh, and on the topic of leaving comments...PLEASE DO! I've seen a bunch of my family this week, and they've all said that they read my blog daily (I don't make new posts every day!) but only one or two of them have ever left comments. Come on people...just leave me a note that says "I was here....(your name here!!)" You can click anonymous, you don't' have to register, just leave your name in the comment! THANKS!!! I just want to know that someone is reading! :-)

Ok, time for bed. I've got a long drive tomorrow, guess I'd better get some sleep. Nighty night! Sleep tight! Don't let the bed bugs bite, and if they do, take your shoe, and beat them till they're black and blue. (Hubby's add on! :o))


Andie said...

ok, so Loni has tried to leave me a comment, but blogger locked up on her. If you have tried and it hasn't let you, feel free to send me an email!
aprochnow at hotmail dot com
(ok, you know what it's supposed to look like, change the words to the symbols, forget the spaces and get over it! :-))

Jayleigh said...

I was here!!!

Thanks for your sweet comment today. I felt better yesterday and today than I could have imagined.

And yes, I do believe you know how I feel, because you've been there and walked that road.